The day after Blog Action Day

16 10 2008

Well it seems that all went very well for BlogAction Day. I was pleased to take part in it all with my blog here to help the cause. Here is the 12 Hr. blogtalkradio show from yesterday :

BlogActionDay BlogtalkRadio Show

As I stated in my previous post, I would be showcasing some charitable organizations that send proceeds to through eBay Giving works program. You will find below two links each to the organizations, the first is the link to the eBay Giving works program for that organization and the second will be the main website for the organization.

November is Fight Against Poverty month through eBay Giving Works. There maybe a few organizations that you are compelled to donate to if you wish. I personally feel that this is something that should not just be done on one day but continuously in order to reduce and stamp out poverty.

Join me in the fight!

Project Contact Africa ~ eBay Mission Fish Link
Project Contact Africa

Children’s Hunger Fund ~ eBay Mission Fish Link
Children’s Hunger Fund

Kiva ~ eBay Mission Fish Link


Blog Action Day 2008 Stop POVERTY!!!!

15 10 2008

This video was made because these pictures resonated in me a more push to help in the cause of stopping poverty in the world. There are so many hungry and it shouldn’t be with all the resources we have in this world. When people are feed, clothed, and educated they can break this vicious cycle of poverty. Join me in spreading the word.

I will be showcasing as well places that you can participate to help the cause not just for a day but in some way continuously only through our help everyday in some way can we break the poverty cycle.

I hope that you will feel the same as I for the need to do something no matter how small. If everyone did something thing we can stop the cycle of poverty.

Click the image below to view


14 10 2008

1 More day til

BlogAction Day!

A Blogging Challenge for you!

11 10 2008

This is my first post to my new blog that I have been wanting to start for some time. Yeah I put it off but now I have been nudged by a challenge that starts on October 15th, 2008. I really call it my first assignment as a blogger and I am looking forward to it.

You see the purpose of this blog is to share with the world via the net images and videos that are thought provoking and keep those of the attentive public aware.

I love pictures, being a photographer of nature, and videos that make you think and possibly bring about a cause to action.

So there you have it quite simply a avenue by which to do this and this blog I hope will accomplish my task.

Having said that here is my challenge to you fellow blogger.

Won’t you join me in this task?

So what do you think is this something that you could do to help reduce poverty?

Be a part of the community of currently 7,519 registered blogs sites to participate with an audience in excess of 7,841,931 readers.

Click the banner below and sign up to help the concerted effort to reduce poverty!

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I hope you join me an currently 8,000 other blog sites for this event!

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Welcome in advance.

10-13-08: 2 Days to go!